Be in control

save money. learn. fix your car.

We help car owners feel confident and
in control when fixing their own cars.

Ignition is an app that motivates car owners to diagnose car issues,
find tools and parts in order to fix the issues themselves.

Ignition provides concise instructions and encouragement
to provide car owners with a learning experience
that is not overwhelming.

Identify Problems

Quickly diagnose the problem by OBDKey code or by inputting the symptom

We help you identify the urgency, difficulty, pricing, and service time to allow users to make informed decisions.

Find Parts and Tools

Search for tools and parts needed to fix your car yourself

Want to know the closest stores that carry the tools you need? Ignition helps find stores closest to you at the most affordable prices.

Fix it Yourself

Whether you are a curious beginner or a seasoned expert, we adapt the experience to your skill level.

We keep instructions concise and understandable, accompanied with videos for every step. Intermediate and expert users can skip steps, whereas we make sure beginners can’t skip crucial steps.

Our Design Principles





Secondary features

Get a quick summary of your latest fixes and money saved ever since using Ignition.
Keep track of the history of your fixes and upcoming ones.

See your progress at a glance


View our process

From inception to implementation